The second time in Farris Bad, Larvik, Norway


When you are going to Norway, you have to be prepared for everything - nice warm weather, rainy, windy or tons of snow. As it was said, this was our second time in Norway, the first time we were lucky, and the weather was treating us nicely, it was around 15°C. The second time we weren't that lucky. Within our arrival, there was a huge snow storm and we were freezing cold. Even though, the land was covered in the snow, we still had beautiful views which can be described by the poem The Hound of the Baskervilles written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. For our train ride from Oslo to Larvik, we chose our favorite NSB train.

Our organization SaunaWizards cooperate with Farris Bad, Larvik for a while now and we love to come back. Farris Bad is a unique spa hotel with the largest facilities in Scandinavia. Therefore, we are very grateful to come in this unique spa hotel to perform our aufgusses, untraditional Banja and special scrubs.

Our dearest friends, Lasse and Edgar, from the hotel were waiting for us after the arrival. We have received a warm welcoming from them as we felt like we came back home. It was so nice to meet them again. They took care about our accommodation and this time our room was facing towards the sea shore. It created a great, calm atmosphere.

As the weekend was progressing, we as SaunaWizards representatives had the pleasure to meet new Farris Bad's sauna masters. The hotel complex is known for the best services and also offers the best conditions for workers. The pros can be seen in a positive environment, people with new creative ideas and also in great team work which is resulting in bringing the sauna sessions on the highest level. We have exchanged many ideas and shared our experience and skills with Farris Bad's masters as much as possible.

Our day, on the week day, was starting at 7am and weekends at 8am. We were nicely surprised that people are visiting saunas such early in the mornings. We have been performing our aufgusses in many different ways such as silence way, meditation or funny way. Other treatments weren't missing, our untraditional Banja was such a success. For a special treatment, we have prepared a special herbal scrub that can be applied on your hair, face, body and so on. As we have noticed, some of the clients have their routines, to get up, join sauna session and cool down in the sea. We couldn't believe our eyes that in -2°C people were going outside to cool down. Although, it is a nice way to start a day. After experiencing it, it actually felt great. We have decided to add the cool down part into our sessions. Not all the clients were down for it, but in some of them it brought out the excitement. Every time before we went to cool down in the sea there was a necessity of a pep talk to motivate everybody. At the end, it was a great relaxing feeling and also, we have received lots of positive feedback. Now, when I have mentioned it, I really miss it. We hope that we will be able to add this specialty in the sessions more often.

After long days providing the services, we always ended up in a nice restaurant, located in the heart of Farris Bad with a stunning view on the Larvik fjord. In the restaurant, they served local fresh ingredients, both from the sea and from Norway's kitchen garden - Vestfold. The food was prepared with an imagination, generosity and love. We strongly recommend their signature dish - the fish soup with grilled seafood, fresh red and white fish. It is delicious!

Let me finish here. Even though there is still so much to write about SaunaWizards in Farris Bad. But that will be for the next time ...

We had an incredible time and we love coming back!