SaunaWizards has explored the beauty of Hungary in Caramell Premium Resort Superior


SaunaWizards has explored the beauty of lake Balaton in Hungary. The hotel Caramell Premium Resort Superior has showed the welcoming face to Saunawizards.

The Caramell Premium Resort Superior hosted us in early spring 2018. Even though, it was only beginning of spring, the temperature was extremely high, around 30°C. We can consider this as our hottest weekend in our history of Saunawizards. But we could not complain about it at all.

We flew to Vienna Airport, from there, we rent a car and went through Austria country-side to a picturesque little town on the border of Austria and Hungary. The little town took our breath, therefore, we decided to stay for lunch. As we were in Hungary, we could not resist to not try their typical Hungarian goulash, to clear up what it is, it is a beef stew with peppers. Our road trip was around 120 km long, before reaching our destination we went through so many beautiful little towns, which reminded us of towns of the Czech Republic.

The Caramell Premium Resort Superior, opened in December 2005, is a spa hotel with one of the most modern interiors, exteriors and equipment. The hotel has a holistic view and applies it in every aspect. The comfort of the guests is shown by spacious rooms and beautiful wellness section

(including an adventure bath, saunas, a steam bath, a salt cave, an aroma therapy and a tepidarium). Various medical treatments are performed by educated employees, the positive complement is a curative effect of the Bük medicinal water.

The resort is located approximately 90 km away from the famous lake Balaton. Lake Balaton is a freshwater lake situated on west side of Hungary. It is the largest lake in Central Europe, and one of the region's number one tourist destinations, after the capital city Budapest. The Zala river is one of the largest inflows, which is coming into Balaton. The outflow is provided by canal Sió which goes into the same name river and then into Danube. Lake Balaton is also known and wanted for the sailing competitions.

The highlands of the northern border of Hungary are known both for its significant history and as a major wine region. On the other hand, the south border of the country is flat and precisely known for its resort wellness towns. The first boom of developing the wellness resorts started in the late 19th century. Between the most famous resorts belong Balatonfüred and Hévíz, which developed that soon because they were the wealthiest towns around lake Balaton.

The hotel guests have experienced programs full of Aufgusses with different themes, such a relaxation, entertainment. Even though, the weather was really nice, and we thought that not many guests will join us, we were kindly surprised how many people joined our programs. Everyone and everything seemed to be perfect and we really enjoyed the hospitability and our time in the Caramell Premium Resort.

This trip was a really nice experience for us. We felt like being in a tropical country, regarding to the warm weather that hit as in Hungary. We met a lot of friendly people and made new friends, in both the guests and the employees of the hotel. We would like to thank the Caramell Premium Resort for their invitation and hospitability, which they all provided to us, SaunaWizards. We can only recommend this place, as it was one of our best visits we have ever had. The hotel, the location is prefect also for travelers. The area of Bükfürdő is also well known for its nice beaches, clean streets and water parks.