SaunaWizards memories from SATAMA Sauna Resort & Spa, Germany


For a long time, the project SaunaWizards was only in our dreams and visions. But we have always had a clear view of our upcoming plans. The biggest dream was to perform and share our passion for sauna art in a place that is the symbol of Aufguss-WM. It is a place where only the top sauna masters have an open door to show their art. As a sailor has the sea, a hunter has the forest, for the sauna masters, the resort Satama is the dream comes true. You can find there the right positive spirit, the Spirit of Aufguss!

The SaunaWizards have been working hard to get to the point where they are now during the years. We have practiced our sauna art in our free time, without any financial support. We have participated in many sauna sessions and explored a lot of European countries with a variety of sauna cultures. There was one more place marked on our schedule with an exclamation mark. It was a Satama sauna resort a unique place with history of competition organized by Aufguss-WM.

The dream came true and we were able to participate on the event organized by Satama resort and SaunaWizards. We can say it was one of our biggest events in SaunaWizard's history. We mobilized a diverse group of talented sauna masters and created a three-day battle plan for our historical sauna night event. We performed altogether an incredible 690 minutes of sauna sessions for 3 days. It was like a marathon in the hell with plenty of sweat, but with an amazing visitors' energy. When you love something with passion, you only need the best colleagues and partners with a good spirit, who gives you courage and enough energy to make impossible things possible. It was like a big exam for us. We utilized every minute of our previous experience and put it into our performance in the Satama event. Everyone from the SaunaWizards' team created different sessions and showed different sauna art. We were like an engine of a Rolls-Royse. In the backstage of the Satama event, there was a professional team of wonderful people that works in this resort. All of the Satama's members supported and cheered on our performance. We got help any time we asked and always with a big smile. We can say the Satama's team reaches the professionalism in their field. The kitchen staff spoiled us with delicious food. The reception staff was as friendly as staff in all other sectors. And all of them provided the best service. All participants and employees of the event created the best atmosphere for overall success. Last but certainly not least, we cannot forget about the visitors and people in the saunas. All the people were really lovely with an open heart and passion for sauna and aufgusses. We love them all!

Satama resort is situated nearby Berlin in a quiet place with beautiful forests and many lakes. The sports lovers can make their stay more pleasant by riding a bike or jogging in a nice nature. The accommodation is in the form of a luxury cottage and houses. The common rooms of the accommodation are large with a nice kitchen. You can go directly to the sauna from your house in a gown. In the heart of Satama resort is a great sauna cabin, named the Event sauna, in the shape of a boat, similar to Satama's logo. A great resting room is above the Event sauna on the first floor. The room is filled with cozy beds for a nap and large windows with a viewpoint on the resort. A lake reaches to the sauna area. Therefore, after the sauna sessions, you can refresh your warm body in that natural water. The fans of a traditional, quiet sauna can be spoiled in small sauna houses with different temperatures all over the complex. The lovers of Banya procedures have to visit a local Banya house. We recommend it! Also, a warm pool is situated in the center of the resort. Evening swimming with the moon that is shining above feels magical. If you know Satama resort from personal experience, you know what we mean with the word Satama, who had no chance before to discover this beautiful resort we can recommend discovering it. If you want to see us, SaunaWizards, at Satama, we are planning to be back there on 16-18th October 2020.

Follow the Satama website for the latest updates.

As we look back to our last time at Satama, we can say it was a crazy journey with a big amount of sweat. Satama was and is an important complex for our mission. Where our future steps will go, it depends on us, the future, the theme, the audience in the sauna, ...

We are honored by what we have achieved to this day. We are looking forward to more to come. A passion remains a passion. We always start and end with the words "Feel the Magic in the Air".