First time in Farris Bad, Norway


Sauna Wizards discovered magic of Norway. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for Sauna Wizards." Our first international as Sauna Wizards! Invited by a good friend we were looking forward to this adventure. The lovely town Larvik was an object of our journey. You can find there a unique kind of wellness resort. Farris Bad attacked our hearts immediately. The whole sauna resort is placed on seacoast of Norway. The view from sauna cabin on open sea stays in our memory forever. We totally loose the idea about time during our visit. We flowed on wave of relaxation. We did meet friends, excellent sauna masters from the Netherlands also there. We had great time, great Aufgusses and ending in the sea itself to cool down. It is unique! We felt friendly spirits from the guests of this wellness resort. It did motived us more for our future plans. The amount of services surprised us. The restaurant of Farris Bad presented delicious meals of the Norway cousin. Stay overnight is also possible in the Farris bad hotel. Our time of visit was full of fun, happiness and peace. Thanks belongs to Farris Bad crew, our dear friend Lasse, which supported Sauna Wizards during the first steps in sauna world. It is a place to visit and to return. It feels like coming home.