Belgium Carnival in Palac Saturna Termy Rzymskie, Poland


We stepped into the New Year organising a huge Belgian Carnival weekend in a very charming hotel, located 22km from Katowice Airport in Poland with the cooperation of Loylymasters.Saturn's Palace is a charming hotel with remarkable architecture and over 100 years of history.Not only do they offer comfortable accommodation, they also have the most exclusive gym, Club Piramida, in Poland and Termy Rzymskie, a Roman Thermae. In Piramida you will only find the latest generation of equipment, but what makes this location unique is that the gym is located in an underground pyramid, stylized as the tomb of Ramses II.It is an absolute amazing attraction. Of course the Saunawizards had to test this gym out and we felt the result the day after...

Termy Rzymskie a recreational Wellness Center & Spa at Saturn's Palace. A true sauna paradise with Roman Empire decors, multiple saunas with rituals guided by Sauna Masters and a large outdoor area, makes this Thermen a very unique experience. 
The Belgian Carnival weekend
We celebrated this beautiful aufguss weekend with 6 Belgian Aufguss masters. The whole event has been filled with big smiles, happiness, laughter and magic.The cold winter weather did not stop us from performing an amazing carnival program. Getting out of a sauna from 100 degrees and then the feeling of -10 Celsius degrees outside, it is a unique experience. The diversity of the aufguss program and costumes has made this event very unique. Every saunamaster created their own carnival topic. So at the end everybody was positively surprised of all the different sessions. Ever seen a walking pack of Belgian fries or a meter of beer coming into a sauna? With the Saunawizards it is all possible.
With great Aufgusses, herbal treatments, traditional, untraditional Banja's, essential oils from Loylymasters and focus on your health, we make sure to create a unique experience for you! When you are in the area, do your body and mind a favour and visit Saturn's Palace and its facilities.