Czech Association of Sauna masters (CAS)

CAS is an association of all friends of sauna, wellness and sauna specialists, suppliers and active sauna masters. They are trying to improving the quality of wellness centers and sauna worlds in Czech Republic. They cooperate with the media, organize competitions, consult new projects, and help their members grow.  

The Sauna Hat

The Sauna Hat provides high-quality and unique sauna accessories, made from 100% wool. We ensure that each piece is handcrafted at the in-house studio using the finest materials and creativity. All of our products are original and individually made. Our main value is a great care and attention for every customer's wish.

Belgian Association of Sauna masters (OVB)

The Belgian association of Sauna masters "OVB", was founded in 2014 to preserve the interests of all sauna masters, both nationally and internationally, by giving them the opportunity to practice their sport / hobby, according to talent and inspiration, and therefore full development. 


Loylymasters supports passionate saunamasters and their professional aufguss experiences. They believe that a sauna experience provides a natural support of your health, menthally and physicaly. That's why they offer a wide range of natural products such as essential oils, natural banya branches, herbs and accessories that make it possible to work on an natural base. In addition, they support sauna masters through training and give them new ideas.

ILove sauna

Ilovesauna is specialized in sauna products and sauna cosmetics for the general publics and Sauna Masters. Through different types of peelings, sauna cremes and smells, to sauna stones, textile and Sauna Mobile Tents. In last time goes our specialization also to Russian Banja with huge range of different branches and Mobile Banjas. Attanding different sauna events and trying to share our passion and knowledge of Sauna aufgusses and traditional Russian banja treatments. 


We love a sauna. Sauna is an addiction, that brings all the positive to our lives . That's why we want get closer a sauna world to people as is possible. 

Natural Aufguss

Natural Aufguss means 100% nature in the field of peels, balms, oils and fashion.


                                     MEET IN SAUNA, GROW YOUR BUSINESS.                                          3 in 1: Talk with Mentors to expand your business. Relax in a sauna. Support Charity at the same time


Our Saunalife is focused on current world wellness trends: sauna animations, sauna procedures, sauna aromatherapy, sauna music therapy and relaxation. Sauna with Saunalife no longer has to be boring. You will no longer sit in the sauna while sweating and watching when the time on hourglass will be over. It can be done differently!